Pillar 1 – Unlocking Yourself

February 4, 2021
Pillar 1 – Unlocking Yourself

Achieve Your Potential by Unlocking Yourself

In this first of your four-part journey, I will teach you how to achieve your potential by unlocking yourself and understanding what you need to do to achieve success.

You are going to have to dig deep inside yourself and face obstacles you didn’t know existed. Some of the information I provide in this strategy, some may find difficult to face.

Selfish, self-centred, arrogant, suborn, focused, deliberate, mindful, optimistic, determined, and unwavering.

These are all traits I unknowingly identified yet had to acknowledge within myself. The hardest part about being you, is acknowledging who “You” are and accepting it.

Think hard about how many times you were being somebody else? I just turned 38 and it has only been the last two or three years that I have been living my own life.

Without realizing it, we all try to be somebody we are not. Perhaps it is a celebrity to whom to aspire to be like. Maybe it is about fitting in.

So let us see the journey you are going to take.

Let’s get ready for an exciting journey through Pillar 1 Of Success!

Question your motives.

Yes, you read that right! I said question your motives. Not one, but all of them. Ask yourself why I am doing this. Why do I want to do this?

The reason I ask this will become clear throughout this strategy and an important step to develop your potential.

It makes a nanosecond to decide. Often, the decisions we make are reactive. I’m not going gym anymore because I am not seeing results.

No, I will not go with you to the opening ceremony, because you are wearing the same outfit as me.

These are reactive decisions, based on an immediate emotion or response. No thought went into this decision at all, except to react in haste. So why do I bring this up?

Well think about that time you wanted to start a weight loss routine because you were going on a beach holiday. Or perhaps you wanted to impress someone?

If you ask yourself honestly, did they work out the way you wanted it to? I know from personal experience when I was first starting out with weightlifting and bodybuilding, I was getting nowhere fast towards achieving my goals.

What Can Be So Hard?

I wanted to look a certain way and I thought I knew how to do it. I reacted to an emotion I had regarding my physical appearance, but I didn’t question the reason behind it.

Nor prepare me for what was required along my journey.

What can be so hard about lifting a weight and putting it back down in the same position? Well, honestly. A lot!

Very quickly it became clear to me that I was not going to be able to sustain this mindset or training methodology and so I stopped trying.

Ask yourself why am I doing this? I still ask myself why I do things. It is part of my genetic makeup now. I question everything I do.

Understanding your reasons


All of us have reasons for doing things, but do we understand these reasons. Say for example someone tells you not to lift a weight a certain way.

So, you ask why, and the person tells you it does not help doing it that way. Are you just going to leave it at that? Ask the person why it doesn’t help.

You won’t develop your potential if you don’t find answers.

When you start to question things, you get down to the real answer. I’m not saying be pedantic but find out the reason for something goes a long way in your personal development.

If you decide to start a weight loss and exercising regimen, find out the reason why you want to start one. You may say that the reason is because you are overweight. Or perhaps you feel unhealthy.

But do you understand this? Ask yourself why you are overweight? Or why you feel unhealthy?

Find The Reasons!

Are you overweight because you don’t eat right? Why don’t you eat right? Is it because you don’t take regular breaks at work and just snack?

Are you unhappy with something and prefer to eat what you want? Do you feel like eating what you want when you are around certain people or places?

This reversal of actions is called a root cause analysis. Find out the real reason why something is happening.

This way you understand the reason behind your action.

Now let’s say you decide to start a weight loss and exercise regimen. And your reason is because you are overweight. So, you start!

But you are still unhappy or too busy at work to find time to eat right. How long do you think this new regimen will last?

This new regimen requires sacrifice, time, determination, and effort.

You won’t be able to give it that if you are still battling with other things you don’t understand.

The Devil vs The Angel

Hey, we all know about this don’t we? One of them urging you on and motivating you, and the other telling you that you don’t need it and that everything is fine.

This will happen and you need to address it head on. You must always focus on your goals. Motivate yourself the right way to keep your goals actively engaged in your mind.

Sacrifice and hard work pays off every time.

Make Sacrifices To Achieve Your Dreams, So Your Dreams Don’t Become The Sacrifice

The body will always want to protect itself, and by doing that it goes for the easiest option. We are all inherently the same when it comes to this.

Sharks are a perfect example. Fierce killer predators who roam the ocean yet prefer to attack weak and injured prey.

We do the same. Why work hard for something, when there is the potential to earn it with half the effort (regardless of if it seeming too good to be true).


Nothing in life is worth it if you don’t work for it!


Be Honest If You Want To Develop Your Potential

If you are not honest with yourself right from the start, nothing is going to work out. That is just the hash reality.

While others may be with you on your journey, it is you that is going to have to do all the hard work.

No matter which way you try to spin it, it will always be you that will be letting yourself down. You will need to make some hard decisions about the journey you are about to take.

You will need to make sacrifices and change how you do and think about things.

Deciding to make a change and start to lose weight or build muscle, isn’t just a way to develop your potential, its also a lifestyle change.

Understand that change takes time

When you embark on your journey, you will not see changes right in the beginning. Many people give up because of this.

They do this because the change they are looking for is external. They can’t see in the mirror.

What they don’t see is the internal changes. The change in eating, mindset, determination, and attitude.

Changes start with in and you need to acknowledge them.

By being honest with yourself, means you are acknowledging that there are going to be challenges and that this is an ongoing process.

Any idea or misconception that change happens overnight, is an attempt at taking a short cut to your goals.

There are no short cuts when it comes to making a change.

Your mental preparation

Developing Your PotentialThe most advanced tool (or weapon) we possess is our minds. You need to have control of your mind. It can be the single most destructive thing you will ever encounter in your life.

Your mind is the only thing that can destroy your dreams. Not my mind, or your friends and families, but yours!

How badly you want something, will determine how much mental focus you are going to give it.

If competing on stage is what you really want, your determination and mental focus MUST be unwavering.

The right to be selfish

You will have to be honest with yourself here as there will be an element of selfishness that is required.

Competitive bodybuilders are inherently selfish with their lifestyle, decisions, and actions.

Many people have said it is a selfish sport and rightly so.

To be selfish means to think only of yourself. How else are you meant to act when it is your body you want to change?

I am not saying everyone must shut out the world and think only of themselves, but you will need to focus on yourself. This is all part of being honest with yourself.

You need to prepare yourself for your journey. The road you are about to take is going to be a long and challenging one.

Sacrifices are going to be made and your mind needs to be ready for this. If you are not honest with yourself about this, you will never be able to prepare your mind to carry you through.

Taking Accountability for Your Potential

This is the part that many people fall short of. Taking accountability for their actions. It is so much easier to blame all the external problems in our life than taking accountability for our actions.

I couldn’t get do my workout, because my friends asked me to join them for drinks.

Look at that situation and find any example of how an external factor was to blame for the workout being missed. You don’t have to look very hard. There isn’t one.

You just didn’t want to work out! Be honest with yourself about it.

Think about the time you started a workout routine and you got sick. Hey, we all get a cold or become ill for some reason.

Should be train through it? Not at all. Your body is fighting an infection. So, let it fight it and then give it time to recover.

Only you are accountable

But now that you are better, what are you going to do? Maybe you have lost a little muscle size, or your strength has dropped during your recovery time.

Perhaps you haven’t lost any weight. Are you going to give up?

It is easy to say, “just when I started getting somewhere, I get knocked down”, and stop altogether. Who are you blaming? Yourself, or the sickness?

These are not just challenges, it’s called life. We get sick. So, what! Obstacles are constantly being put in front of us that we need to overcome.

In life we get knocked down. To think otherwise is futile. When we get knocked down, we simply get back up.

You Must Decide!

It isn’t obstacles that stop you from achieving your dreams, its yourself. If you are confronted with unavoidable circumstances, address them head on.

Take accountability for your actions. If you end up giving up on your dreams, it is only yourself that is giving up. Nobody or nothing else is.

You may well decide that the path you have chosen is not the right one. But this is a decision only you can make and one that you need to take full accountability for.

Nobody can influence your decisions or actions. Only you can when you start to develop your potential!

I welcome feedback from you, so please feel free to leave your comments below.

Time For The Next Pillars!

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